We pride ourselves on being one of the top Private Label labs in the country. We specialize in custom formulation. We are not a White Label company. We work together with you create a completely customized product. From beginning to end, you have a say in the packaging, label design, fragrance, and any special ingredient deemed stable. IE: your coffee beans, whisky, etc.






-​Here's how it works-

Over the last several years, The Rugged Company, has been at the forefront of private

label production in personal care products for men and women. We walk you through the

entire process from label design to finished product.

Who can participate in our Private Label Program?


-We Specialize In-

  • Small Batch

  • Mass Production

  • Custom Formulation

  • CBD Product Production

  • Brand/Label Development

  • Influencer Brands

  • 3PL Services

  • Display Design

  • Product Knowledge Training with you and your team.

  • Spas

  • Health food stores

  • Barbers/Salon owners

  • Business owners- Entrepreneurs, startups, existing business

  • Wellness centers, Chiropractors, alternative health care providers

  • E-commerce sellers


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